OhMiBod Club Vibe @ VNV Nation

Going out at night, doing awesome things like clubbing and concerts is all good.  But I’m posting this review to show you a way to make it all better.

The OhMiBod Club Vibe is a product that is superb for night life.  If you like to have fun on the go and want bring even more adventure to your outings, I suggest that you pick one of these lovely pieces up.

This is a bullet vibrator that is corded to a speaker-box apparatus.  Put your batteries in the box, set it to hear-all mode and depending on the surrounding sounds and their volume, your clit will get tons of attention.  For cleaning, just wipe it down and don’t submerge!  For storage, you will receive a beautiful pouch with drawstrings.  Oh, I almost forgot, this set comes with a sweet black thong that you could slip the bullet into, for your outings.  I prefer the direct contact so that I can feel every quiver of the sounds around me…so my advice is to place your bullet where you want it, under a nice thong, like the one included, and then just pull up your tight/hot ass jeans over and zip up.  If your bullet is positioned right where you want it, there isn’t much chance for slippage!  Mine stayed in place and OMG I loved every second of it.

The experience…*drool* I can’t wait for my next concert.

I saved this review for my attendance to the VNV Nation “Faith, Power and Glory” tour.  They are an electronic/synth/goth type band who speaks to everyone.  They don’t have a certain type of music that just speaks to one type, their music is universal and literally, it brings people together.  So, I showed up, in line, very scared about getting passed the metal detector/etc.  Lucky for me, I’m a chick with no purse and they don’t really feel me up for all of the rigging that I had on me.  (LOL).  I got asked if I had anything in my pockets, yes, I freaked out because I had the black box and extra batteries, just in case…I answered “I have my phone in my bra!” and the security guard awkwardly laughed when I pulled it out and sent me on my way.  *Phew* I MADE IT IN!  So, I’m all hooked up, batteries are fresh and I turned it on as soon as VNV hit the stage. The vibrations were so intense; I swore that they had their own sound.

Another “Lucky for Me” was that I was next to some railing.  I had the opportunity for my knees to give out to the vibrations as I just hung on for dear life.  I don’t know… I need to practice standing orgasms; I don’t end up standing throughout the entire process.  Funny part was that it was to the VNV Nation song “Standing”.  When it was half way through I looked over at my husband with a huge smile and slowly became shorter that I normally am.  OhMyGod I love OhMiBod. I thought it would be slick and simple, this orgasm in public process, but depending on how/when/where…you will see varying results.  Ronin, the singer of VNV Nation, he really loves crowd participation.  When I was riding another orgasm, he ran across the stage to my side and with one hand he waves me on…”Come ON!! What are you DOING!?”  Wow.  My eyes got SO WIDE with fear as I had a stupid orgasm face, crippling me over the rail.  He loves when the crowd jumps with the music.  Everyone was jumping except for me. Hahaha.

Just as the experience with the Freestyle (best), this Club Vibe gives its own trip and I am ever-so-thankful that OhMiBod created this toy.  I have to say that it’s my second favorite after the Freestyle.  Concerts, night life, playing your own music out loud, they are all reasons to own a ClubVibe.  I sincerely want to thank Good Vibrations and OhMiBod for this opportunity and I highly recommend the club vibe to anyone who likes loud music and orgasms.

Illusion – VNV Nation

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njoy Fun Wand

Oh La La, a sexy toy made of solid stainless steel! These twelve ounces of polished pleasure are perfect for honing in on your g-spot.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a map installed that leads to all things Graffenberg.  (Some sort of GPS, g-spot pleasure seeker).


The Fun Wand is dual sided for oh-so-many purposes.  The smaller end, looking like a metal rattle-snake tail, is meant for three graduated anal beads, so you are sure to get the most universal use out of this wand.  The opposite end has a 1” head that can be inserted for vaginal use or anal use.  Toys that are super hard, (like solid stainless steel), are great tools for encouraging your g-spot to come out of hiding.  The super-strong materials are very accurate at massaging the vaginal walls, to increase overall stimulation and to penetrate layers of nerves.  (This ends up making hard dildos, really great g-spot toys.)

Aside from this njoy Fun Wand being a super-strong, super-sturdy and multi-purpose pleasure wand…it’s going to last for a lifetime.  The only way that you could damage your njoy toy is by cleaning it with something abrasive, and ruining the beautiful mirror finish.  Please don’t do this, lol.  The clean-up is very simple; just use a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water.  Recap, it’s a very low maintenance toy that lasts longer than most of your other tools.  On top of that, it’s cheaper than some of them, too.  What is not to love?  Oh, and it has the most amazing storage box with satin lining and a hush-air-tight seal.  (that’s the sound it makes when the box closes)  =) *hot*

My experience with this njoy Fun Wand was very-very soothing.  I had my husband use the wand on me and it honestly felt like the wand knew exactly where to go, what to do, and all of the details to go with the directions.  Maybe my husband is a great navigator, but there was no communication as to where to move the wand to.  It was all good, all the time. This tells me that njoy and their testing, fabricating, designing, etc…has all equated to success.  I am overly satisfied with this product and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys high end dildos with a flare.  This thing is so sexy, so shiny, so unique and so perfect.

As far as self-use goes, besides the opportunity to explore, you will be able to experiment with your toys and come up with new ways to use them.  I had an amazing experience with the Fun Wand.  I found that it feels superb when you have the bulbous part inserted into the vagina and the beaded end rubbing over the clitoris.  With each slide of the wand into the vagina, as long as your clitoris is slick, the smooth, cold steel will massage so many parts of your anatomy at the same time.  This, folks, is pure, stainless, steel bliss.  I really love my njoy Fun Wand and I am going to make it a goal to own more njoy products.  They really made an impression in the industry and it’s nearly the beginning for them.

I would love to thank BetterSex.com for this sexy wand, and for carrying it for their customers.  As long as everyone finds their way to the product page, they will be satisfied with the solidity of their very own private steel dildo.

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Lil Tease : Dotty

This is Dotty, a little teaser toy that is made by California Exotic Novelties.  She’s cute, slim, tiny, purple and made of soft silicone.  She’s equipped with the ability to take baths with you, if you should wish to take her along.  Being waterproof is a very nice quality that a lot of Cal Exotic’s toys have.  It’s a one-speed toy, with a nice bit of power to it.  It’s not very flexible and it can be used internally and externally.

Dotty is powered by one “N” battery, which is included.  You slip the battery in, screw on the cap and the toy turns on when it is at its tightest.  To turn Dotty off, just loosen the threading of the cap.  The operation is very simple, the form is very basic and the power is on par with the rest of the toy.  It’s not a power-house orgasm maker, because it does just what it says…it’s a tease!  The only thing that bugged me about the toy was the hard plastic handle-loop thing.  It was a little awkward and I wanted to put my finger through it to hold the toy on my clit, but it’s not built for that.

Dotty the teaser is perfect if you love to have pre-coital torture sessions, and you just want to reach out and scratch your lover because he’s teasing you with a toy and not letting you get off.  =D  It’s a great toy for foreplay to get things started off and to build up some tension and expectations for your happy ending.  I can’t handle it, personally, because I want power and now.  I am the kind of girl who wants the ending before the story begins. Haha.  But, on the other hand, if you don’t need high power to get off, and you like the clitty flutters teasing you through your temptations…then Dotty is your chick.  She’s cute, soft, sweet, adorable and has the wits to woo your womb.

Thank you Cal Exotics for the cute Tease!  =)

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Jimmyjane Little Platinum


Gentlemen, this is how to propose to your sex goddess, your sex kitten, your much appreciated love and vagina of your life.  Ladies, you’ve heard the term “left-hand ring”, right?  Well, this is the equivalent, but it’s made for your sacred flower.  Guys, put a ring on it.  Ladies, put your ring around it.  Take that how you wish, but however you take it, just know that I was serious.



We blow tons of money on small things that we think are worth the price we pay, but when we look at a *little something* that equates to all the small things; our mind distorts what we are looking at.  Let me help you see…Jimmyjane, as you may know, or are about to find out…has created many high end toys that are super user-friendly, successful, satisfying and made to last.  The name “Jimmyjane” is synonymous with eco-friendly creations that seriously deliver all things body-amazing.  The company is founded on design, so it’s no wonder that they stand apart from the industry by marketing creations that haven’t been attempted before.



Platinum, Gold and Diamonds – on a vibrator? – Who does that? Right?  Jimmyjane does.  Who makes a vibrator that can house a replaceable motor?  Jimmyjane does.  Who makes a vibrator that is pretty enough to wear as jewelry and is actually made of precious metals?  That would be Jimmyjane, yet again.

The Little Platinum Vibrator is for the woman that has her needs and has also set her standards to match them.  She doesn’t settle for less, she knows what she wants and knows that she can always count on it.  A smart entrepreneur…she’s done her research, found a toy that will outlast herself, it will never fail and it will have its glamour built into it.  All she has to do is make the decision.  Does she want Platinum because she is all glitz and loves the shine?  Maybe she prefers gold because it’s always a classic and always speaks for itself.  She may even be a hip chick who loves the Little Chroma because it speaks the colors of her lifestyle.  My point is, she’s out there, but maybe she hasn’t met her *Little Something* yet.  If you are listening, and you’re on your way to Jimmyjane, take my *high five* because I am right there with you.


My life as a Little Platinum owner – *Oh yeah.*   =)  I will give you the basics, to start with.  The Little Platinum is made of stainless steel and coated with Platinum.  This vibrator is hefty, hardcore and built to withstand lots and lots of use.  The size measures at 5 ¼” long and .67” wide.  It has the beautiful feature of a replaceable motor!  If you ever manage to wear out the motor of your Little Something vibe, fret not, Jimmyjane sells a replacement that you slip into the vibrator, just like a battery.  It’s amazing, plus, it’s not going to cost much to replace it, either.  Now, as if the Platinum weren’t enough, or the replaceable motor, the exceptional design and quality…there is more.  It’s completely waterproof!  Just make sure that you screw the cap onto the vibe very well, and make sure that there is no more noise once it’s been screwed on.  At that point, you are ready to rock.  (Just make sure that your included, single, double-A battery was installed before screwing the cap on.)


Now, I may be hung up on the fact that it’s a Platinum vibrator with a replaceable motor and it’s amazingly waterproof, but I am also stuck on one more point.  The soundThe lack of it.  There is virtually no sound put out by this vibrator.  How do they do it?  You know me, I’ve seen my share of silent vibrators, and true, no one in the next room would be able to hear them…But this…wow.  I can use this thing when my husband is too tired to tend to me, and I could be lying down on the bed next to him.  He hasn’t noticed once.  Sometimes, while I am caught in the rapture of the shine, I turn it on and just bring it to my ear (close enough to hear it), then I move it further away and just sit in awe, listening to the silence.  I treat the sound as if it were one of those 3D-magic-view-images.   Oh man.  I love this thing.


Let’s talk about the power!  I would rate this one-speed vibrator at a very happy medium.  It’s not an industrial strength getter-offer, but instead, it’s a seductive throb.  Your body meets your mind when you turn it on, and you begin your seduction with both in unison.  This is a perfect example of that occurrence.  I lie there, each time, taken aback by the power symbol that I am masturbating with and it puts me in that place.  I can’t be disturbed.  There are no noises rattling my brain and I have the sleekest, shiniest, smooth operator at my fingertips.  This Platinum wonder is working its way around my clitoris and it’s totally doing the trick.  My Platinum gives me orgasms that actually felt very naughty, for being such an exquisite toy.  I totally expected to feel like velvet afterwards, but the buildup and release was more like sex in public.  Seemingly raunchy, felt so wrong, but I knew it was right.  It may sound strange, but the toy makes the orgasm.  Different pleasure objects affect you in varying ways and they will always give you those feelings.  I know that my Platinum is my newest naughty-friend.

If your vibrator takes on more than a use, such as many products in Jimmyjane’s lines, you will have a different relationship with it.  I have an extreme protection over my Platinum.  I love to walk around with it in my pocket, because it just feels amazing (lol!).  I feel like I don’t want to be without it.  This is called attachment.  Who gets attached to vibrators?  Not me.  But this, this is my new love, haha.  Because the Little Something vibrators have a hole in each of their caps, I believe it is for the person who wants to show it off.  It’s a hole that is meant to have a leather cord threaded into it, to tie around the neck and showcase your seduction of choice.

I have done just that, I made my Little Platinum into my Little Platinum necklace for when it’s not in use.  I designed tiered leather cording with silver accents and toggle closure.  It was tricky, but I am very excited with the outcome.  It’s just perfect to wear to my friend’s wedding.   So, let me suggest that you show off your goods with every chance you get.  I’m in love with my Jimmyjane Little Platinum and so is my vagina, clitoris and all of the rest of me.


Thank you to Kama Sutra Closet for the chance to review this stunning vibrator.  I must say, that shop is home of luxury, high end products and pleasure that mingles with class.  Kama Sutra Closet is the perfect way to get off in fashion while also keeping it green.  I must also tell you that with your purchase of $75 or more, you get free shipping.   Yes, it applies to sale items, and that totally provides the most affordable way to get your Little Somethings and Chromas at a sincerely amazing price, especially now that they are on sale.  (Or any other pieces of eye candy that they carry.)  So, check it out, have fun, be creative and love yourself often.  =)

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Form 2

Jimmyjane has created their best possible clitoral vibrator – yet.

Being a power fiend, you’d think that I would be hard to please.  This is true. I need the amps, the wattage, and the mucho electro output.  What can I say about the Form 2?  *I Got the Power!*


I love it.  The poor vibrator has been getting a bad reputation because people just don’t understand her.  Basically, when you have one of the motor-arms perpendicular to the other, the vibrator will either slow down immensely or start to thud in retaliation.  I can only guess that this is because of something being folded inside the unit and when the two motors are not in synch with each other.  If the two arms are in synch, there won’t be any problems.  Yes, it’s a sensitive toy, but I don’t think it’s fair to fault it because, when we use it, we tend to fold it all over ourselves.  (In sheer bliss.)

The typical scenario is this:  you get horny/headache/orgasm withdrawals/take a bath/hot mp3 playlist and you need to get off…You go for a super versatile toy that is loaded with power *sigh, I love you, Form 2*, you then tend to your pretty parts.  So, you don’t really need a warm up with Form 2, at ALL, but you want to lower yourself into your seduction.  You take Form 2 and you begin to trace the sensitive skin underneath your breasts, encouraging the nerves to trigger synapses all the way through your areolas and into the tips of your nipple without even touching them.  That’s a perfect place because if you were to take your vibrator any closer, it would be nipple-BDSM via the Form 2.

You’re adequately turned on and you just dive right into your happy place and trace all around until you can’t avoid your own begging any longer.  Form 2 *immediately* rocks your non-cocks upon contact. (Cocks would probably love this too, if they liked this kind of thing.)  You are already half-way to orgasm but, being that you’ve stepped out of reality; you end up pressing the Form 2 awkwardly into your vaginal folds while pleasuring yourself.  Form 2 is sensitive, so she lets you know, by behaving differently.  You may snap out of your pleasure zone, give yourself an internal laugh or sigh because you did it again, then you get back into synch with your vibrator and use it in its intended way.  (This is how it goes until your Form 2 has trained you how to use it.)  Once training is complete, I promise you, it’s worth the price tag.

Let’s talk about the power, speed and luxury of the Form 2 Orgasms…  Amazing.  The only thing that I know to compare it to is the Eroscillator.  (In my own opinion.)  The orgasm comes spontaneously, with no haste and it is achieved with grace.  It comes to its fullest orgasmic fulfillment and feels luxurious.  If I could give the orgasms a texture, I would say that the Form 2 gives Satin orgasms.  For me, the Form 2 achieves orgasms within 1-3 minutes. That, my friends, is good time.  I had a headache the other day, turned to Form 2, pumped out 10 orgasms or so and I was set.  No more pain, it was all pleasure.

Some specifics; it’s a waterproof, rechargeable vibrator that is absolutely packed with power.  The two arms give surround sound vibrations for your clitoris and you will totally respond to each one.  I have seen many a vibrator in my day, but this one stands out.  “Flaw” or no flaw, there is nothing else that is this tiny, adorable, versatile, that can rock your clit without being powered by 4 double-A batteries or need to be plugged into a wall.  *Cheers* to Jimmyjane for accomplishing this.  It’s all in the design, and Jimmyjane is founded on design.  Within the design is the satisfaction.  Form 2 was designed with satisfaction in mind.  I, Kristy, am satisfied with my well-designed Jimmyjane Form 2 vibrator.

Now, without further adieu, I will give you some tips/tricks and pointers for your Form 2 uses…

*Make sure to charge it between uses, because you will be using it often and forget whether you charged it or not.  (That’s what happens with happy toys.)

*Be relaxed, in a comfortable place and spread out.  Give yourself some freedom.

*First way to use the Form 2 is vertically.  Have both motor-arms touching above and below your clitoris at the same pressure and make sure that its level.  If it’s not, Form 2 will signal to let you know to level it out.  Within minutes, you’ll be skipping through your Elysian Fields.

*Second way would be horizontally, just making sure to mind that the vibrator is level and that pressure is being applied evenly.

*Thirdly, you could hold one arm of the Form 2 nestled in the skin above your clit, trigger the response of the thudding or motor-spazzing and then lower the other arm onto your clitoris and enjoy the sensation that you just created.

*My favorite way to use the Form 2, aside from the vertical technique, is to have it on its side.  Make sure that you angle the one arm down over your clitoris without much pressure at all, so it won’t trigger the thudding, you will come very close to orgasm and then as a super-boost, press the other arm down on top of it and it will intensify the vibrations and bring you straight to orgasm.

I am sure that there are tons of other ways to use this wonder of a toy, but I just wanted to share some of the key ones and a couple of the techniques that I came up with.  I hope that they are of help to you if you already own a Form 2, and if you’re up for a very rewarding toy, I hope that you consider purchasing one for yourself.  *Whisper*it’sBetterThanALotOfToysOutThereOnTheMarket*/EndWhisper*

Thank you, Babeland for providing me with a very awesome one-of-a-kind pleasure object.  By the way, peoples, Babeland will be giving away a Jimmyjane Eternity Vibrator.  Diamonds, Gold…Chroma?  Hello.  Get your ass over there to sign up to win.  (I totally did.) Remember, Orgasms are Forever.  *wink*

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CyberStalkers; They Suck.

I’ve kept it quiet for the last four months in hope that my online stalker would cease his activities and maybe get a life.  I was wrong.  I still haven’t confronted him.  But, due to recent events, I have to let you guys know that he’s been spreading unreliable claims to fellow bloggers.


First things first…who could be stalking you? Well, it could be an anonymous, secretive person that you cannot identify.  Or, like in my case, it could be someone from your life that chose a bad path.  For this reason, it’s a given – don’t post more details than needed.  This may or may not matter, though.  (I.E. if the person already knows your full name and location.)

What could happen? You could get harassing tweets, have the accounts banned, take it up with twitter for impersonation, etc.  Then more will pop up.  Then you will need to block those.  Then the person will think that it would be a great idea (to give you their personal information) by signing you up for email subscriptions.  Thanks, guy.  He may know/find out or remember where you work, then try to make trouble with your employer.  (Mine had a woman/acted like a woman and reported me to corporate for what I said in my twitter feeds.)  Really.  For my tweets.  (Dear Stalker: I still have my job, and they too, have your name.)  Then, the stalker may step it up into a legal matter, as mine just has.

Where could this happen? Everywhere.  The person may use theirs or other computers, visit a friend’s house to use their computer to harass you, or use mobile devices.  All you need to do is collect everything.  Screenshots, account names, etc.  Keep it all, and just build your case.  The other “where” could also be anywhere.

How? It’s too easy.  Especially if you are an attainable person who has ways to be connected with.  Unfortunately, that’s most of us.  The sucky part about cyber stalkers is that you may not be able to identify them, or even more importantly, you may not be able to prove what they’ve done with substantial evidence.  This is where; if you have suspicions, make sure to record everything with screenshots and dates.  Had I done this from day 1, I would have a lot more to show for it.  But, I honestly didn’t think that it would go beyond day 101.

Why would someone do this? Generally, it happens when someone is attracted to you for any number of reasons.  This was true for my case.  He told me that he wanted to fill me up with cum until he died, and that he wouldn’t mind if my husband were to join in on a threesome.  (MY HUSBAND.) Wow, how gratuitous…Now, where it takes the spin from admiration to obsession, I’m not sure.  I’ve always been curious about that part.  In my case, the guy lost his job over his decisions.  Not my fault.  But, apparently, he must feel that way, otherwise…what is the motive to stalk?

In conclusion, it’s a very new problem that a lot of people aren’t very sure about.  It’s definitely an issue and I hope that none of you have the same things to deal with at any point in your lives.  Yes, it could be worse, but it is, however, annoying.  Please come to me if you have any other information, every bit helps.  You can thank ThatsNotCool.com for the cute call-out cards and Tom the Camera Man for the comic.  =)]

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Updates for Pretty Power Tools

Hey everyone! I would love to thank you for coming by the site, first of all. You can’t imagine how much appreciate my readers and curious on-lookers. =)

Just a heads-up! I am going be to adding and changing things pretty soon. There are a lot of things that I would like to do with Pretty Power Tools and I want to start offering more to the audience. Here are some of the things you will start to see in the near future:

Pretty Talk – A column/article line that will talk about sexual topics, stories and some hot and interesting things. The scheme is pretty wide-open for Pretty Talk, and that’s how I like it. *wink* Aside from this being the non-review or informational side of the blog, I am also going to open it up for questions or advice.I would love to help people find the perfect toy for the perfect situation and come up with creative solutions to any questions. If you have any thoughts/questions/ideas of what you’d like to see or hear about, feel free to email me- PrettyPowerTools@Gmail.com .

Pretty Shop – I am still (very much) in the learning process of what it takes to open a little shop, but I am working on it (preview). The plan is to offer lots of cute/cool/interesting things for purchase. I love humor, so you will be seeing that in my products. One of my first shirts will be one about Kegelcising. Hot stuff. =)Please note, this is going to be wide open for men and women, plus…we all have kegels, so there are no boundaries. So, in due time, there will be things to keep you entertained outside of the internet.

So, in short, I am just excited about some awesome up-coming things that I am going to enjoy providing and creating. I hope that you guys are having an awesome week, so far. Happy Hump Day, go hump something or someone! xo!

-Kristy Lynn

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Tenga Flip Hole : Black

Oh MY. Tenga has outdone themselves. If you didn’t know, they first released the white Tenga Flip Hole last year. Now there is black. You may think…”Oh, it was popular enough to release another color.” Well, it would be slightly accurate to think that. In fact, the black Flip Hole has improved tightness and different internal textures than the original.
So it’s more like Tenga 2.0 here. I must say, I was really impressed with the textures inside the white flip hole, only through the pictures that I’ve seen. I knew immediately that the textures inside my black one were different and better. Thank you, Tenga for confirming this for me.
THE TEXTURES…omg. The two sides of the flip hole totally work together in a mechanical way to compress and give the perfect sensations. In my photos, you should be able to see that most of the pieces interlock. It takes a penis to do the unlocking. So, there you have it, the key to perfect masturbation is your penis, happily nestled inside a Tenga Flip Hole. As soon as you slide your “trouser trout” into the Tenga, as my husband called it in his review, you should then feel the internal structure separating itself and then molding around your happy penis. It’s an amazing product, it may be the best male masturbator out on the market and my husband told me that it was better than his hand, better than his fake vagina, better than the fleshlight.
Instructions: Slide cap off, expose your soon-to-be-penetrated hole, slide cap onto the opposite end to keep the Tenga snugly closed. Use one of the three included lubes of your choice, Masturbate, clean, and repeat. To clean – is so very simple. (The Flip Hole is made for its ease of use.) Slide the lid off after use, open the Tenga and rinse with water until all of the foreign fluids have left the device and then stand your stand up, leave the Flip Hole to balance on top and air dry over night. After you’re sure that it’s been well-dried, you can take it off the stand, flip shut and secure the cap on the holy end. What a lovely Man Toy!? Now, I shall post my husband’s words. Bare with me, he’s a creative one…lol.


From my husband, to me, and my words in pink after reading what he said:

I got home from work. Another day that you’re excited about getting something… but this time the package wasn’t for you, but for me! A toy for me!?

I grab it and head into the office to do my weekly bills and budgeting, stopping to explain to you that I’ll just get a halfie and stick it in while doing something to see what it feels like. Underneath it all, my hopes aren’t high. I’ve had two vastly different quality fake-ginas and both were underwhelming. Even the Fleshlight I had didn’t do anything for me until I took it out of the casing and used it as a sleeve. I don’t think I came once one on one with the Fleshlight.

I end up grabbing your right fun-bag (boob) and kneading and then sucking on it until it gets all erect… which got me erect.

I grab for one of the three vials of lube that it comes with. “Hole Lotion, Real”. I wrestle to get all over my trouser trout. By the time I spread the lube and get the Tenga in position the lube is dried out, so I go through the drill again with better luck and more lube.

I realize that the cover/case looks like it goes on backwards and it reinforces the sides to keep the contraption closed, just exposing a single tight rubbery hole. I push my cock in and it feels like I’m already halfway through the race.

Not only did I feel like I could finish with this, but I kind of wanted to. (I told you it wouldn’t end with a “halfie”.) But not alone. I grab you over to me and strip off your shirt so I can see both of the twins at once… then quickly off with your pants. I keep massaging my pork sword (wow.) playing with each hand and gripping the gripper side and buttons on top that control pressure allowance.

I’m grabbing your bald muff (that wouldn’t make it a muff then, would it? Lol) with alternating hands, feeling your moistness (yeah, you pulled my piercing and tore my hood a little.) as Tenga shows me a good time. It’s like some bizarre threesome with my soul mate and a bodiless cock cozy. I really had planned on kissing you through my orgasm, but I’m really not used to this thing and I start to fill it up with man chowder (wow.) very abruptly. Suddenly I’m spent and you’re grabbing Tenga like a prize asking to open her up and see her insides. (omg shut up lol)

Tenga is by far the best toy I have had the pleasure of knowing biblically, but only a substitute for you. I’m not really sure how often I’ll be able to use it since you’re always ever so eager to provide a sheath of one kind or another for my blaster (sigh), but I’ll keep her well fed and taken care of for the day I need to un-cage her again.

Oh, and if you wanted to know if I would recommend this, I would say that it’s a definite yes.

Love you sweetie :)

I love you too, lol. I am glad that you loved the Flip Hole and I am glad that Babeland gave us the opportunity to test the best!


Ladies, get your man a Tenga Flip Hole. If you frequent my blog, then I’m sure that you have at least one awesome toy that your vagina is in love with. Let this one be his, and you can throw a jerk-party for the two of you. That WAS the plan for us, later on that night, but he couldn’t leave the Tenga with a “halfie”, so I played with my Form 2 later on. =)

Summary, Tenga Rocks your Cocks. Tenga is great for gifting, great for treating yourself; and it’s a total classic. I will reserve the opportunity for there to be a better masturbator out there someday, but I don’t foresee that any time soon. Again, Babeland, you’re awesome, and thanks for providing the awesome Flip Hole for your customers to enjoy.

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Sacha Mini Wand

The Sacha Mini Wand

The BetterSex.com and Sinclair Institute have come out with a universal mini pleasure wand. I call it universal because it’s going to be a winner for a very wide range of people.

We either have a specific clitoral power need, or we just don’t know it yet. This cute mini wand is made with a very good range of power. It will be perfect for those of us who need little to no stimulation, all the way up to women who enjoy the mystic wand and Hitachi. It’s a great range of pleasure. I’m impressed.


At first glance, I didn’t see this thing as a big power-packer. Just look at it, it’s too cute to yield the power of a jackhammer, haha. But its looks are deceiving. Yay for me, with this ergonomical mini wand – I can enjoy all of the benefits of the highest power level. This really impressed me. Sacha has definitely earned her spot in the toy world. I hope that any of you who are unsure of your desires, and don’t know which wand to buy…maybe you’re too intimidated to go for the big power sisters, so you’re holding off…This wand will satisfy you. For beginner wand users, this is a great alternative. And for those of you who are looking for an easy-to-hold and enjoy type of wand, it’s Sacha. This mini wand is in no way, awkward to control, or hold during use. Bravo to BetterSex.com.


To use the wand, plug in the charger, attach the charger to the power pod, charge for a few hours and you’re ready to go. The wand doesn’t need to be attached to the pod for charging, but it does need to be attached to the pod for use. Also, the box says to not use Sacha while it’s plugged into the wall. It’s not made to be an outlet toy. Bonus for us, again, because we don’t need to hover around a power source to get-off! =) So, have pod hooked up to the wand, find a comfortable place in mind and body, and then let yourself go. You can explore the range of vibrational power and then settle on your level until you level settles you. To clean, just use a damp cloth to wipe it down and store in a dry place. Don’t submerge Sacha because she will drown and that’s no way to treat a mini wand.



In conclusion, Sacha surprised me and in a very good way. I suggest this for anyone, and especially those who are curious. Please check out the video for more details and to get a look at this beauty. I totally expected this vibrator to be bigger, but I was lovely-excited when I got the package and learned that it was the perfect size. Thanks to BetterSex.com for providing great tools for the pleasure-seekers in all of us.

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Pretty Talk : Pelvic Congestion & B3 Tuyo

This article is going to focus on Pelvic Congestion, some random personal stories, and some practical uses for my sexy Vibro ball.

After I was into my teens, between the ages of 15 and 19, I would occasionally get lots of pain in my abdomen during/before/or after orgasm. It would last anywhere from 10 seconds on to about 20 minutes. This pain sucked, it was a dull, wide-spread ache that seemed to throb. I compare the sensation to brain freeze, after you’ve had too much fun with your Icee. It always comes as a shock and makes you want to double over. After experiencing this pain at its lengthiest times and even into post coital headaches that would last up to two days…I began my research. All of these pains were brought on by masturbation. I don’t know why they didn’t teach proper masturbation in elementary school…it would have saved me so much pain and research! (lol).

What I learned was happening: The pain in the abdomen was “Pelvic Congestion”. I found this to be due to the flow of blood becoming too rapid. Sometimes the blood would flow through the veins in both directions, which is unnatural. Once the veins become a 2-way street, or become engorged with too much plasma, they expand. When they expand, they are bound to run into the very tightly-knit patterns of nerves that are surrounding the veins, in and around your pelvis. No fun. Why this happened, in my case…Apparently I tried too hard. If only Past Me would have any of the toys that I have now, holy crap, life would have been so much easier. When I would try too hard; that would also result in the post coital headaches. Other times of pelvic congestion are known to be due to a jumpstart in the orgasmic process. Comparable to a traffic jam, too much blood trying to relocate at one time, causing the traffic jam.


Solution: first and foremost, I read that I should reeellaaaxxxx……..breathhhe…..inhale….exhale. Chill out. Orgasms will come; don’t murder your clit in the process. I must say, that was the best and most accurate advice. Worked like a charm. Poor child that I was, in hyper-orgasm demand, I felt much better, thanks to the internet. Since then, I’ve only had one or three cases of pelvic congestion and those have been spread out over time. Perhaps I was too excited, trying a little too hard and forgot to breathe again. But this time, when it came, I knew how to handle it. This is where my Tuyo comes into place.

The B3 Tuyo Vibro Masseur is an adorable, luxurious little ball that vibrates. The two hemispheres are made of a very thin and sleek metal, and the surrounding band is made of silicone. The Tuyo operates by a push-button on top of the ball and you, the owner, decide how it’s used. One suggestion is for a nice, sensual massage, with or without clothing. It’s great for any of your erogenous zones and even for practical needs.


If I ever have pains or aches, I grab my Tuyo. It’s great for pelvic pains, as I’ve described above, or cramps, which I have a hell of a time with also, period or no period. The reason that I trust my Tuyo with this zone is just this: perfection! It’s actually amazing because it doesn’t have the pin-point pressure. The vibrations are constant and they resonate throughout you. If I press the ball into my abdomen, I can just trace around and there is no awkward pressure, ever. I am sure that you could grab a nice and powerful vibrator and do just the same, but then again, if you’re delicate, it may be too much and a little awkward to orchestrate. The Vibro masseur is very easy to hold in your hand and it feels great. The metal hemispheres have no trouble gliding.

My Tuyo is also my go-to for my never-ending headaches. Now, this is the beauty of it…with this ball, you don’t have that rattling vibration that removes the vibrator from your head and slams back into it with the next vibration. On the lowest setting, it hums sweetly on my temples and it did a great job of distracting me and alleviating some tension. Thank you, B3 for making a cool, universal device with more practical uses than you may have intended. I appreciate your creation. (And to think, I just fell in love with it because it was a vibrating ball…haha.) I would also like to thank BetterSex.com for helping me out, taking pains away and providing the Tuyo for purchase in your online store. It has made a difference in my home and I just love my little ball! (So does my dog, I ran it down her back, lol.)

I highly recommend this if you have any pelvic pains and your current vibrators aren’t helping you out the way that they could. (Not to mention, every single sensual reason that you could use this baby for, also!!) Balls rock. Well, this one does! Yay for Tuyo!

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